The constituency is full of picturesque countryside and abound with history and heritage. Unfortunately, today the area starved of government funds has some of the UK’s worst public transport coverage and highest foodbank uses.


Wisbech itself was a wealthy port during medieval times. The marshes provided productive farmland making the town a thriving agriculture centre. The constituency has enormous potential if only central government could pay more attention to the needs of local residents and invest resources into creating jobs and giving young families a chance.

Most local residents tell us that antisocial behaviour especially in Wisbech is out of control. UKIP are committed to providing more police on the streets making people feel safer again. Plus the political establishment parties: Conservatives, Labour, LibDems with their open door immigration policy have led  to millions of people arriving in the UK. Their failure to plan for this properly has caused pressure on jobs, housing and public services. The simple fact is that only UKIP will take control of our borders and stop massive immigration.