However well intended the local people an area is only as good as the resources it gets to create jobs, opportunities and public services. For too long you have been treated like second class citizens and your area has received minimum government investment in infrastructure, education, policing and health services. More and more local people are standing up for themselves and their families and turning to UKIP for real change.


UKIP would make Britain great again by taking us out of the EU and investing the fifty five million we give them a day on our elderly, hospitals and schools. We will cut taxes especially for the low paid leaving them with more money in their pockets. Furthermore, we will abolish inheritance tax. UKIP will cut the excessive foreign aid budget. much of which funds governments with scandalous human rights records and use this saving to improve the lives of needy people here.

Additionally, UKIP will remove University tuition fees and will ensure the NHS is not privatised and stays free at point of delivery and need for everyone. GPs will have to stay open longer and we will oppose plans to charge patients for visiting their GP.

We are the only party that will give the English people a real chance to celebrate English culture and heritage by making St George’s day a public holiday. We are the fastest growing party ever in British history. We are the people’s army.