Under the Tories the poor are getting poorer. It is unacceptable that the government on one hand insists that the economy is improving yet food bank use is at record levels. What kind of government is proud of an economic policy whereby hundreds of thousands of fellow Brits cannot survive without food received from food banks? This winter many of our elderly will have to make the choice between heating and eating.

the foodbank

Fenland has been starved of government funding. So much so that we have some of the worst transport network and infrastructure of any part of the UK. For years the Conservatives have taken your votes for granted. A UKIP MP and council will demand central government invests in improving infrastructure, creating jobs and combatting anti-social behaviour in the constituency.

You deserve better. UKIP is made up of ordinary people like you sick and tired of career politicians in ‘Ivory towers’ out of touch with the priorities of the British public. Career politicians living it up whilst more and more Brits are living below the poverty it any wonder we are the fastest growing party ever in British history?