Only UKIP will save Estover Park

According to the government housing minister, Nick Boles, forty three per cent of new homes are being built due to immigration. In truth the figure is probably much higher. Todays housing shortage has led  to the biggest concreting of our countryside and green spaces in British history. So much so that your children and future generations will not be able to imagine a Britain as beautiful as this once existed except through historical photographs and video archives. It is heartbreaking that our children are being deprived of safe recreation spaces, playing fields and sporting facilities. Vote purple to keep Britain green.

Estover Park

If Estover Park goes then March will have very little left in parks and playing fields. Local activists such as Cllr Peter Tunley feel so strongly about this issue that they left the Conservative party. Cllr Steve Count, Leader of the Conservative County Council told the Council meeting on the f4th of October 2014 that “there were no objections from residents to the inclusion of the Estover Playing Field for residential development when Fenland District Council included it within an overall housing allocation in the Draft core Strategy”. That is definitely not so. There was a petition with 645 signatures and about 150 letters and emails live objecting to that proposal. The playing field was subsequently deleted as a housing allocation.

Estover Parks

UKIP Cllr Paul Clapp described the Tory  council’s behaviour towards the playing field as “underhanded”. And Cllr Pete Reeve received rapturous applause at the recent packed public meeting when he said ” dark forces” were at play. The fact that virtually all local residents object to the concreting of Estover Park yet still the council stubbornly carries on shows just how out of touch the Conservative Party now is with the feelings of local people. So much so that the Tories have now lost the trust of local people.

The proposed housing development will not only mean the loss of this ancient and valuable playing field to the community but will bring all kinds of infrastructure problems associated with this new high density of housing. Once again profit is being put before people. Our park does not belong to developers it belongs to us-  the  community. You have your chance to make the local political establishment listen by voting UKIP both locally and nationally in May.