Brexit Should Not Mean We Are Turning Our Back On Europe

The UK vote to leave the EU was one of the greatest surprises in the politics of Europe in recent times. The stakes were high, both the campaigns for the leave or stay vote used propaganda and lies to woo voters; but at the end of the day, UK citizens voted to leave the EU. That vote was final, and it has to be respected. But in other European capitals, there was anger and frustration with the UK Vote behind closed doors. France’s and Germany were openly unhappy with the decision, even asking the UK to leave “immediately”, if possible in 48 hours. Yet, it took diplomatic channels and cool heads to agree to initiate the exit process in a sensible and workable manner. There is now talk that the UK may not entirely pull out of the EU without grave consequences for all, until around 2019.

The fact that the UK opted out of the EU doesn’t mean that we are turning our back on Europe. In any case, we shall all continue to be members of the same continent, the same motherland called Europe. We are all Europe’s children, just that this child, the UK, has opted to step out of the main house, and build his own house but within the same compound. In that regard, it will be very important for our allies and the EU to respect that will and decision. We’ll continue to cooperate on almost all areas, our citizens will have to travel across the EU, just like the EU citizens can freely visit the UK.  Actually, most of the lies and propaganda that our politicians used during the Brexit campaigns are responsible for causing much of the false alarm. Some claimed that the UK would now have to be isolated, that it would be hard to visit EU countries, that they would not do business with us, and so on so forth. Yet, nothing could be further from the truth!

  • Currently, THE UK and the major economies in the EU, namely Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy; there are many areas of cooperation today between these countries. These are expected to continue because most of them are inseparable. Our economies are closely intertwined, and severing them would be costly to both sides. That’s one reason why it’s more prudent to enhance, rather than weaken, the robust economic cooperation that exists.
  • It’s hard to look at the future of the UK without being alive to the current happenings in Europe. Over the past 3 years, we have witnessed the worst refugee crisis in Europe since the 2nd World War. Thousands of refugees are desperately trying to come to the UK and despite the stringent measures taken by the government to secure our borders, many still find their way in. This is a battle that will only be won if the UK works closely with the neighboring EU countries to help secure our borders. We have to work with France, Italy, Greece, and other nations where the migrants and refugee pass through.
  • One of the reason why Her Excellency the PM Theresa May got the top job in the UK was because many saw her as a safe pair of hands. A lady that can balance between the will of the people of the UK, while also maintaining our cooperation with the rest of the EU. Currently, there is a conversation in most European countries, as citizens demand more control of their borders, who they allow in, and so on so forth.  Thus even as we hope for a strong and united Europe, we must continue to seek out new friends and alliances. The UK will forever be a part of Europe, and the earlier we start making the most out of this reality, the better for us all.


Brexit means Brexit; but old alliances and friendships with European countries will remain unchanged.