Andrew is passionate about saving the countryside and green spaces. He became active in the constituency to campaign to save Estover Park from development by the local Tory council. Andrew is UKiP’s national housing and environment spokesman.

He was politically active with the Conservatives from the age of fourteen, and fought two general elections as a Conservative parliamentary candidate. However, in 2010 Andrew decided to join UKIP because of three main reasons:

1. The Tories closed the casualty department of a hospital which Andrew had campaigned tirelessly to keep open.

2. Andrew could see that despite Tory promises immigration was not going down but up.

3. The Conservatives failed to support Andrew’s campaign to make our St George’s day a national holiday.

Andrew knows what it means to struggle in life having started his business from nothing. And having gone to school at London’s then notorious Broadwater Farm at the time of the Tottenham riots. He believes that this Conservative government has gone too far in cutting public services without regard for the consequences for the needy, the disabled and the chronically ill. Under the Tories the poor have got poorer.

Andrew is committed to tackling homelessness and in his property business never charges his tenants deposits or admin fees. Neither does he ask tenants for references. Believing that it should be easier for people to not only buy properties but rent them if they choose.The Telegraph poked fun at Andrew for picking up homeless people from the streets of Central London and putting them in his properties.

The British people are sick and tired of career politicians living in ‘ivory towers’. Who prefer to spend over sixty billion of your hard earned cash on the HS2 railway rather than invest the money on stopping pain and saving lives through the NHS.